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Legal Information


For the purposes of this Terms and Conditions agreement, the terms 'us', 'we', 'our' refers to MyEliteGuide, while the terms 'you', 'yours' refers to existing, prospect or returning clients.

The services rendered by us to you are subject to this Terms and Conditions agreement. Terms and Conditions are liable to each case, which we acknowledge is unique, pressing accept button indicates that your case has been individually negotiated (and accepted) by the recipient of our services.

Terms and Conditions are subject to review and revision on a constant base, without any prior notice to you.

Reviewed Terms and Conditions apply to new transactions, and it is your responsibility to review our terms and conditions with each new transaction you undertake

Pressing the Accept button indicates that you have read, understood and agreed on the terms presented here.

Please press the cancel button if you don't agree to our terms and conditions.

Access to Our Services

In order for you to use our services, you need access to the world wide web: a telephone line, an internet connection and an e-mail address;

It is your responsibility to access our services in the above mentioned way, and to ascertain accessibility at all times;

If for any reason, the services have been interrupted because of malfunction on the part of the services provider, or your inability to access the services provided by us, we cannot be held liable for this under any circumstances;

Spam filters are very sensitive to e-mail, and it is your responsibility to set your spam filter at a level whereby you can receive our services;

If for any reason your spam filter has hindered communication between the two parties; we cannot be held responsible for that.

Use of Credit Cards

Credit card information is not stored on our system, and the card holder will only be contacted in for credit related transaction;

You certify that the credit card used here by you has been legally obtained, and that you are held liable to any transaction which has infringes the legal rights of the card holder

We cannot be held liable, under any circumstances, if the card has been illegally obtained or if the transaction is fraudulent in any way

Our Prices

Upon initial contact, you will describe the project you are requesting us to undertake on your behalf

The prices of our services are subject to the various variables related to your project; including, but not limited to, length, duration, speed

A quotation will sent to your designated e-mail address, specifying our acceptance to your requested project and quotation our price;

Unless otherwise specified in any communication between us, the quotation is valid only for 24 hours; after which you can request another quotation

If you request an amendment on your specified project, the project will be liable to a new quotation, and the first one will be considered void.

Refund and Credit Policy

We do offer a 100% refund for orders that have "received or Under Review" status listed on your Account page.

Scope of Our Work

We are a service provider and we don't execute project on our own. But rather facilitate the execution of your project with qualified tutors and/or researcher in return to a fixed percentage

The scope of our work is to find a researcher, tutor, editor who will take execute your assigned project;

We advertise a good level of work for projects contracted to us; yet due to the nature of our work as go-between we cannot be held liable for the quality produced

While every effort is being made to ensure the high quality of the projects that you contract with us; we don't guarantee a specific result that you have mentally preset;

Neither do we guarantee the ability to find qualified person to execute your project on the set time limit;

Our work is meant to be a guide to you. Papers written by our researchers are meant to be an example for the work that you should submit.

We have a zero-tolerance policy to plagiarism as, we don't endorse plagiarism in whatever form;

We will not be held liable for any work submitted to any academic institute, college, university, or any other form of academic-related organization on which your gain credit.

You will be solely responsible if you pass off our work as your own, and any consequence which my result of that

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to ascertain that the solicitation of our services is legal according to the country where you are residing. We cannot be held liable for your negligence, ignorance or unbinding by the local laws and regulations which incriminates or in any way implicates our services.